Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2014


Despite the fact the torrent sites are heavily censored around the world, even the liberal country like United Kindom has started blocking Torrent sites even their proxies. But still many torrent sites are growing more than ever.

Here you will be provided with a list of world’s most frequently visited BitTorrent websites in the beginning of 2014. We have included only public and English language websites in our list. We have created this list based on different traffic reports.

  1. The Pirate Bay: Most of the visitors have rated the Pirate Bay a site quite similar to BitTorrent. This site was developed more than ten years ago and has continued to expand. Its developers had to face several legal issues, domain hopes and ISP blockades, it did not stop expanding.
  2. Kickass Torrents: This site was developed in 2009 and has found its place among the most visited sites of the year. This site continued to grow despite facing the domain issues and blockades.
  3. Torrentz: Torrent is one of the most leading BitTorrent search engines. This site doesn’t host any torrent files but it is a place where visitors will be directed to other useful places on the web. This site is running with different domain names and .eu is the most popular domain of this site.
  4. ExtraTorent: This site has continued earning more traffic and found its place in top ten most visited Torrent sites.
  5. YIFY-Torrents: YIFY is the newest torrent site that was developed about 3 years ago. Today this movie release group has become one of the most famous movie piracy brands over the web.
  6. EZTV: This niche site is known to be specialized in TV content only. Thus, traffic on this site depends on the TV seasons.
  7. 1337x: This site is known to focus on the community aspect. Its owners claim its launching is done for the purpose of filling an apparent void to meet the lack of quality conscience ad free torrent sites. This site has been currently blocked by the larger UK Internet providers.
  8. This site was launched after the was blocked. This site is totally different from the isoHunt crew but it was developed with the site’s previous design. This site has also gained millions of page viewers till now.
  9. BitSnoop: This is one of the most visited and liked BitTorrent sites. List of torrents on this site is growing continuously.
  10. RARBG: This site was started as a Bulgarian tracker a few years ago. It is also a newcomer in the list of top ten most visited TorrentSites. This is the only site that wasn’t blocked in the UK that is a reason of its reputation.

Source: torrentfreak